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Mark Reynolds fallout and more from the morning after the Winter Meetings

News, notes, and silliness around the Colorado Rockies and the rest of Major League Baseball for Friday, Dec. 11, 2015.

I'm fairly certain Mark Reynolds is not blind.
I'm fairly certain Mark Reynolds is not blind.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Winter Meetings are now complete! We'll have a rundown post set to go up in a couple of hours including a poll where you can vote about what you liked and didn't this week from the Rockies' front office, but before we get there, here are applicable links and notes on Rockies-related items from around the Internet this morning:

Starting pitching still on Rox list after Winter Meetings —

It looks like the Rockies are going to have to give up some assets (Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, Corey Dickerson, DJ LeMahieu) if they want starting pitching, especially after watching guy like Zack Greinke earn a payday during the Winter Meetings. Of course, the Marlins' supposed asking price for a starting pitcher like Jose Fernandez via trade is also extremely steep, so... hey, is Kyle Kendrick still available?

Rock Talk: Chad Bettis —

Joining previous members of the Rockies who have gone on Rock Talk, Chad Bettis speaks about his coming marriage (congrats, Chad!), choosing baseball over football, and a bunch of other Rockies-related stuff.

Rumor roundup: Substantial interest in Mike Leake —

A lot of teams are in on Mike Leake, apparently, and that includes at least two NL West clubs (the Giants and the Diamondbacks). Leake has a home in Phoenix and he went to Arizona State University; I would not be surprised at all if he chose the Dbacks, especially considering how immediately strong they've become over the last week.

Heyward nearing decision as finalists emerge —

The Cubs, Cardinals, Nationals, and (maybe) the Angels, eh? Let's hope he goes to the Angels, if only to get a good player out of the National League (we have to deal with enough of them in the division already, thanks!), but more than that, Heyward's eventual signing will quickly shape the trade market for guys like Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, and Corey Dickerson.

Ellis Burks has fond memories of his playing time in Denver — Denver Post

There's a nice story about Ellis Burks that will lead us out of the Winter Meetings and all this 24-hour-a-day rumor talk. And it's a nice piece of Blake Street Bombers nostalgia!

Rockies latest moves don't factor into NL West balance of power — Mile High Sports

We wrote as much on Wednesday, but here's a nice interview with Tyler Maun about the Rockies choosing to sign Jason Motte and Chad Qualls. Also, you should listen to Maun on the latest episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!

Mark Reynolds stuff

Baseball's greatest hoax — Baseball Prospectus

This piece is wonderful. Have you guys even considered that Reynolds might be blind? Hey, I'm just asking questions!

Mark Reynolds is going to the Rockies and it's time to dream — Beyond The Boxscore

Let there be dingers, the folks from BtBS argue, and dingers there shall be! There will also be a lot of strikeouts with Mark Reynolds, which sucks, but he might walk a little bit, too — something that's unfortunately all too rare for the current version of the Rockies' offense. Also, BtBS makes fun of Dinger in this post. I'm all about it. Dinger sucks.

Watch Mark Reynolds strike out 100 times in two minutes — Deadspin

Can't wait for this, baby! He's the next Drew Stubbs, but with no speed and probably a few more dingers (oh, and Reynolds is cheaper).

This week at Purple Row

Colorado Rockies need new logo, uniforms — Drew Creasman

Drew dropped this debate out in the middle of the Winter Meetings, but it didn't get buried and led to a lot of discussion in the comments. Personally, I'd love to see a new logo/uniform scheme, while the club retains the purple, though I'd also be interested in seeing them go to an earthy green/red/brick combination with colors like this, too.

Say what you will about Chad Qualls, he throws a ton of strikes — Bobby DeMuro

Chad Qualls (and Jason Motte) are not afraid to fill up the strike zone, which is something relatively unique to the Rockies recently. Of course, watch both of them lose their mark completely by about April 15, 2016, because LOL Rockies!

Your weekly roundup from the sports world and Internet — Mitch Hahn

You guys, there's a cat video in this post that just... it's incredible. The cat should have been flagged for a horse collar, but there was no foul on the play. I can't stop watching it though. I think it's done 84,040 loops so far. Somebody send help.

Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 62: The hiatus is over! — Tyler Maun & Anthony Masterson

Yay! The PDP is back! (Finally, what the hell took so long, guys?) Tyler and Anthony discuss Carlos Gonzalez trade rumors and a whole bunch of other Rockies-related stuff, in this, the Rob Scahill Memorial Edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast.

Tom Murphy showed promising receiving skills during his month in the Majors — Eric Garcia-McKinley

Do you even frame, bro? Eric Garcia McKinley looks at whether Tom Murphy can do something better than what recent Rockies catchers have been giving their pitching staffs, and finds that Murphy might be a promising pitch-framer in a larger sample size of playing time in 2016 as he continues to develop in the big leagues.

If the Rockies are truly in rebuild mode, they need to subtract, not add a starting pitcher — Matt Gross

Matt Gross looks in-depth at what the Rockies might do this winter, assuming they are taking on some level of rebuild. (That's a safe assumption after dumping Troy Tulowitzki this summer, and ostensibly taking offers for Charlie Blackmon, Corey Dickerson, and Carlos Gonzalez all winter.) The next to go? Maybe Jorge de la Rosa. Sad face.