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Adam Ottavino's the best... around! Nothing's gonna ever keep him down!

Try to be best, you’re only a man, and a man’s gotta learn to take it. Try to believe though the going gets rough, you gotta hang tough to make it.

Adam Ottavino is the best around. Nothing's gonna ever keep him down.
Adam Ottavino is the best around. Nothing's gonna ever keep him down.
Rich Pilling/Getty Images

A huge hat tip is in order for Purple Row community member Claytoniss, who recognized the comedic gold in taking that Adam Ottavino elbow surgery rehab and recovery video that we highlighted in a Rockpile a couple weeks ago and setting it to absurdly inspiring 80s music from The Karate Kid.

There's just so much to love here:

The music is classic in the best (worst?) way. And the filter thrown on top to "age" the film like it's an 80s home move is an especially nice touch, too. Claytoniss produced this thing at the end of October, but I only just saw it this week, so... here you go!

This is made only more absurd by the fact that his physical regimen in the rehab is extremely technical and calm, and thus, the antithesis to being inspirational when set to Joe Esposito's music.

Compare it to the original one the closer created himself that has a very... different vibe:

And, of course, to the song (and inspiring video!) from the infamous 80s movie:

There are a couple differences but I gotta say, Claytoniss, man, you deserve ten out of a possible ten points on this one. I only wish that I had thought of it myself!

Now, let's see which Rockies fan can set a Coors Field home run montage that's better than this video that I fell in love with a few months ago:

I could watch that all day. (And Tulo! There's Tulo! Do you guys remember Tulo?)

But seriously, 80s Ottavino, let's make this a thing.