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Colorado Rockies RHP Jon Gray adds curveball

Links and news from around the league.

Jon Gray is adding to his arsenal for 2016.
Jon Gray is adding to his arsenal for 2016.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas Eve, to those of you celebrating, and Happy Holidays to the rest of y'all. Weirdly enough, my part of the country will be nearing a balmy seventy degrees on Christmas. So, no snowboarding for this guy in the near future, but at least I'll be able to break out the shorts again. Hopefully y'all have some time off around this time to spend with friends and family, and I wish you all the very best this holiday season.

Gray has new toy to unleash on hitters — MLB

Jon Gray's been working on something special for the 2016 season — a curveball to add to his arsenal of fastball, slider, and changeup. Gray says he's already got some nice 12-6 motion going on with the offering and thinks he'll be able to get it to sit somewhere between 75 and 80, a touch less than his changeup. The righty says he's looking forward to getting back out in front of the crowd at Coors and that he's learned some valuable lessons from his time spent with the club in 2015.

Deck the Calls: Rockies – MLB

Don't have a fireplace to entertain the guests with? Have a fireplace, but don't want to spend time with those annoying relatives and just want to love your Rockies in peace? Watch this baby on loop and your problems are solved! Courtesy of, here's an animated fireplace along with some of the calls from the "greatest moments in Rockies' history and from 2015." Bold claim, but there are some great ones here. And man, that fireplace... Such a nice touch, don't you think?

Festivus 2015: The airing of grievances, sports edition — Denver Post

The Rockies should be sold to billionaire Mark Cuban, says this article. Not sure if joking... [insert Fry meme here]. Honestly though, the only credibility this article needed is its bashing of Dinger. I love mascots, I really do. Watching "mascot fail" videos gives me an almost indescribable amount of pleasure. I legitimately giggle in the most embarrassing fashion watching them. I particularly love watching the Houston Rockets' mascot (Clutch) and the Toronto Raptors mascot, whose name appears to be "Toronto Raptors Mascot," flop around. Something about the static, happy expression on their face that masks the true pain of their plight just cracks me up. I won't link the videos here, but please help yourself to some chuckles on YouTube. Getting back on track, though, Dinger is seriously the worst.

Revisiting ZiPS Projections, Part III: The Bullpen — Rockies Zingers

Here's a look at how the members of the 'pen did compared to what they were projected to do before the season. Interestingly enough, five of the 13 total members listed outperformed their projections. You might infer a number of things from that. Maybe the projections just thought the bullpen would be bad (they did). Maybe the other members underperformed horrifically (they did). In any case, the bullpen was pretty much garbage.

Colorado Rockies Top 20 Prospects — Baseball Essential

Here's a list of what one writer believes to be the top 20 prospects in the Rockies system. Full disclosure here, I didn't really read through this, but I have a great excuse. Articles that require me to go through different slides so that I have to continually load pages absolutely drive me nuts. So, for my own sanity, I just skipped right ahead to the top five players: Forrest Wall, Jeff Hoffman, David Dahl, Jon Gray, and Brendan Rodgers. Enjoy.

Three trades that should happen right now — MLB

This article isn't about the Rockies, but it does mention a divisional foe. The piece suggests that the Rays trade RHPs Jake Odorizzi and Brad Boxberger to the Dodgers for Julio Urias, Jose DeLeon, Micah Johnson, and some "mid-level" prospects. I'll be honest, most of my attention was devoted to figuring out whether the name Brad Boxberger was awesome or mildly unfortunate, but the remainder of my senses thinks this would be a very poor deal for the Dodgers. I don't know a ton about the players involved though, so maybe I'm way off the reservation on this one.

Race for outfielders remains wide open — MLB

You're all familiar with this by now. Several teams are in need of quality outfielders, while a decent number of such players remain on the market. Who knows what the Rockies will do with their assets? I could totally see us doing nothing. Sometimes, I wonder if the FO has a magic conch shell that they like to consult.