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2015's most popular posts, according to you

You read these ten posts more than anything else on the site this year. In other words, you have nobody to blame for this but yourselves.

Where will Troy Tulowitzki land on our list of most-read posts?
Where will Troy Tulowitzki land on our list of most-read posts?
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We were talking amongst ourselves and got curious about doing some kind of "best of" for the last year on Purple Row at the New Year beings. Of course, I've been here but three months, so I was especially interested to see what we could come up with as a year-in-review.

And while we have some in depth staff picks that'll come at you tomorrow, today our "best of" list is pretty simple: it's all on you. The following ten posts are the most popular (by page view) from the last year on this site. Draw your own conclusions.

10. October 25 — Nick Stephens — Los Angeles Dodgers no longer the NL West juggernaut

This was published in my first week on the job here at Purple Row, and I remember all of us being shocked at how well it did, being but a Rockpile. I guess people love to read about the demise of the Dodgers?

9. July 9 — Jordan Freemyer — Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki may be headed to Cincinnati, pitcher Jon Gray to Denver

Two Rockpiles in the top ten! This one, on the Tulo Final Vote for the 2015 All Star Game, and speculation about Jon Gray (who of course didn't get promoted in July, after all).

8. July 29 — Charlie Drysdale — Troy Tulowitzki trade: Analyzing the 3 prospects headed to the Rockies

Charlie went deep on the guys the Rockies got back for Tulo and LaTroy Hawkins. Right now, of course, Jeff Hoffman, Miguel Castro, and Jesus Tinoco are three of the guys, but on July 29 they were newcomers and strangers.

7. July 28 — Bryan Kilpatrick — Troy Tulowitzki officially traded to Blue Jays for Jose Reyes, prospects

Don't quote me on this, but I believe this is the most-commented-on post of 2015, which is probably something we should all have expected, right?

6. December 9 — Matt Gross — Could Rockies package Carlos Gonzalez, DJ LeMahieu in a trade to the Pirates?

Matt is on this list like a thousand times. I'm not on this list any times. :( Can I make this about me? Does anybody still love me?

5. July 28 — Matt Gross — The Troy Tulowitzki trade broke my heart

Troy Tulowitzki's trade was a massive and franchise-changing move for the Colorado Rockies, it was a very emotional move for Rockies fans, Matt Gross had a unique and specific reaction to it, and, well, you guys felt something about it, too.

4. October 6 — Matt Gross — The Jose Reyes situation is on the verge of becoming a fiasco for the Rockies

Something tells me this isn't the last time you'll see Matt's byline on this list. Unfortunately, it's not the last time you'll see a post about Jose Reyes on here, either.

3. December 25 — Ryan Schoppe — Colorado Rockies trade rumors: Examining the San Francisco Giants' best prospects

Prospect posts do pretty well. Trade rumors posts do really well. Combine the two, publish it on a holiday where a lot of people are at home with family and have time to kill reading stuff online, and bam — this is what you get. Great work, Ryan.

2. December 24 — Ryan Schoppe — Colorado Rockies trade rumors: Breaking down the St. Louis Cardinals' best prospects

Not gonna lie — this one threw me for a loop. Two out of the three most-read posts of the year, in fact, came on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and neither was about the Rockies. What does that say about you? (What does that say about us? Oh no!)

1. August 21 — Matt Gross — The Troy Tulowitzki trade is likely going to become a disaster for the Rockies

This is my favorite Purple Row post of all time. I read a lot of our analysis posts and think to myself, "that's good analysis," or maybe "interesting, I never knew that," or sometimes "that inspires me to look deeper at this stat/player/thing, let's see what comes of it." In the case of Matt's post from August 21, I read this and thought, "I am not worthy." This piece truly kills, and showcases more than anything else what Purple Row is all about.

Whatever the case, it's been a hell of a year. We'll have a fun post going live tomorrow morning with staff picks — our very own (and very biased) choices for our favorite stuff from the last year. Happy New Year!