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The Colorado Rockies' farm is great, right?

In the final Rockpile of 2015, take a look at these pieces about the farm.

Carlos "Wild Thing" Estevez
Carlos "Wild Thing" Estevez
Jen Mac Ramos

Strong AFL Season Leaves Estevez’s Future With Rockies Looking Bright | 2080 Baseball

John Arguello of 2080 Baseball takes a look at one of my personal favorites, Carlos Estevez. Arguello breaks down Estevez's somewhat unusual path to professional baseball, why he is regarded as the closer of the future for the Rockies, and where he will begin the 2016 season.

The future of Rockies baseball is bright — right? | Purple Row

Community member Muzia wrote an excellent fanpost reminding us to be cautious about the farm system, and if you haven't read it yet you should. A farm system is still just a farm system, and there are no guarantees, after all. That's why numbers matter.

Jake Bauers among prospects poised to surge |

Jim Callis took a look at some breakout candidates for the 2016 season, and among them was the Rockies' Forrest Wall. Callis is very complimentary of the young second baseman (not factoring in his really bad tweeting) and thinks that Wall will play well at Coors Field eventually when he can break into the majors.

Finally, from our Purple Row family to yours, we wish you a very happy New Year and can't wait to see the wonderful things 2016 brings our way!