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Colorado Rockies need new logo, uniforms

The Colorado Rockies have never had a new look in their history. It's time.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I have half of an unoriginal idea: The Colorado Rockies need some new digs.

I am at best the 12,395th person to mention this, but as President Bartlett once said "Nobody outside of Washington thinks doing something and raising the issue are the same thing." I know that this community -- the fine, fine readers of Purple Row -- are capable of magic.

You did it once before on another occasion where I had no ideas of my own but attempted to facilitate them. RIP, Coors Shield.

The Rockies are the only team in major American professional sports who have never changed their logo or colors. And one can see why, both are pretty awesome as is. But anything and everything about the look could use additions and updates and the beautiful fans of the Rockies are just the people to do it. (This pandering doing anything for ya?)

You might be saying to yourself; "But brainstorming ideas on the internet is a waste of time that will never have an impact on my favorite baseball team."


Post your ideas -- good and bad -- in the comments. Tweet them out. Brainstorm and critique. We will gather up our favorites and vote. Be the change you wish to see in the branding world.