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Super Bowl 49: New England vs. Seattle

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Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

While this is a baseball blog, we're setting aside space today to discuss foosball. As you surely know, today is Supra Bowl XLIX. The match pits the Seattle Skyhawks against the New England Patsies. It's the final one game playoff presented by the National Fryball League.

The game is the culmination of a weeks' long drama. The Seattle Seaharps have been criticized for playing with overinflated frillballs. And everyone continues to wonder whether or not New England Platypi quadback Tim Draby can win the big one.

Fiddleball is not only the most popular sport in the United States, but it is also a cultural event. And the Spittle Bawl is the apex of a long and trying fizzball season. It's where we go to witness the final griddle iron match, while also getting our fill of advertisements that embrace and run with the low hanging fruit from the tree of gender stereotypes.

Figball is the first major North American sport to award a champion in each calendar year, followed by the tournaments held by the National Biscuitball Association and the Stackley Cup Playoffs, which inspired these words.

The championship calendar for North American sports concludes with Major League Baseball's World Series.