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Rockies draft position and bonus pool info, more

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A quick-but-informative Rockpile this morning. You're welcome.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft Order And Projected Pools -
Now that James Shields is off the board, the 2015 MLB Draft order is officially set. The Rockies have the third, 27th, 38th and 44th overall picks. Colorado in recent years has had great success finding value with those late first-round and supplemental round-type picks, so the fact that the club has three selections in that area in this draft is good news. The Rockies' projected bonus pool of more than $14.5 million is the second most of any team, behind only the Astros.

LeMahieu looking rock solid at keystone position |
DJ LeMahieu has apparently given up his dreams of being a power hitter in order to work on things that will complement his strength as a contact hitter. LeMahieu made contact with 85.4 percent of the pitches he swung at last season, a rate significantly higher than the league average of 79 percent.

Baseball’s Worst Contracts -- Jonah Keri, Grantland
Guess who isn't included?

Who’s the worst owner: Knicks’ James Dolan or Rockies’ Dick Monfort — The Sports Show
Just in case you're one of those people who enjoys having something to be angry about, here you go.