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Adam Ottavino does his research, and Rockies GM Jeff Bridich talks with the Denver Post

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Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Ottavino used metrics to improve late last season -

"My fastball was just getting hit too much and I felt like I've always been a pitcher that succeeds actually with my fastball up in the zone," Ottavino said. "First I researched online. I think I read an article on Fangraphs about [the Athletics'] Sean Doolittle utilizing the high fastball, saw some quotes from some hitters saying they just couldn't get on top of it. I tried to implement that into my game."

Adam Ottavino was maybe the Rockies' best reliever last year, striking out better than a batter per inning, hardly walking any, and posting a 3.60 ERA. And that's with an abnormally high .347 BABIP. His slider is so filthy that someone created a Twitter account called "Ottavino's slider." And apparently he does his research too.

Ottavino appeared on MLB Network to talk baseball, and the interview was filled with cool little nuggets. He reads Fangraphs! A lot of the time it feels like players are paramecia in petri dishes; subjects to be studied in depth, but from a remove. It's cool to hear a Rockies player talk about baseball nerd research and actually incorporate it into his game. Hopefully that means he's primed for another successful year.

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich on team's off-season decision making process - Denver Post

Jeff Bridich joined Woody Paige and Les Shapiro for a recorded chat that covered a variety of topics. In this segment, they discussed the interaction between Bridich, ownership, and Walt Weiss. Bridich didn't drop any bombshells, of course; he just said there's a daily dialogue between him and the Monforts and Weiss regarding off-season moves. Which sounds reasonable.

Will there be a 100-pitch count for the Colorado Rockies this year? - Denver Post

This seems like a 2012 issue more than a 2015 issue, but Woody Paige asked if the Rockies would hew to the old 100-pitch limit to protect their pitchers. Bridich said that the number 100 was arbitrary. There are more segments, unhelpfully chopped up, so I'm going to stop linking to them, but the conversation is actually pretty interesting.

Bridich discusses offseason, making decisions -

Here's a quick text recap of the interview.

Rockies focus offseason on adding experience -

As the date for pitchers and catchers reporting nears (only six days!) Thomas Harding looks into the Rockies' offseason additions. As we all know, there aren't any big names on that list, but there is a whole lot of veteran depth and young players with upside. The Rockies will go as far as Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez can carry them, but the supplemental additions are important too.

Alright, it's getting late so I'm gonna post this bad boy. We are under a week away from pitchers and catchers reporting!