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For Colorado Rockies and Carlos Gonzalez, hope springs eternal

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Baseball is back, finally

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Fall League is a distant memory, the Winter Meetings barely remembered, and arbitration is recently concluded.  All of those things that we pay attention to in the offseason to sate our appetite for baseball news are now complete, and we can resume discussing professional players actions on the baseball diamond as they gear up for another, hopefully exciting, possibly aggravating, season for the Colorado Rockies.

The thing that I like about the Colorado Rockies, as a fan, is that they do have the talent to be competitive if a lot of things go well for them.  No, they are not like the Dodgers, who have depth behind depth and can be successful no matter what, but neither are they a rebuilding team that has no chance of doing well.  For those who cannot remember the mid-2000s where it was Todd Helton and little else on the team, trust me when I say that spring training is much more exciting when there is some hope.

Speaking of hope and things going well for the Rockies, Cargo showed up early to spring training and did a little hitting yesterday.  He led the headlines at both and the Denver Post.

Healthy Cargo ready to swing a big bat again -

Carlos Gonzalez quick to make a spring statement for Rockies -

The discussion about not being able to stay back on pitches last season for Cargo helps to explain some of his issues.  Cargo has always chased breaking balls down at his toes, but he looked particularly inept against them last year after injuring his knee.

Colorado Rockies players not sold on MLB's new pace-of-play rules -

I am not surprised to see some players against these changes.  Tulo, for one, has to be one of the most deliberate players between pitches, ala Nomar Garciaparra from back in the day.  I kind of like the idea of batters staying in the box during at bats, while the other changes I don't think will have any noticeable effect.

Coors Field is De La Rosa's friendly confines -

Jorge's ability to stay in games at Coors Field should be reaching legendary proportions; however, most media refuse to acknowledge this dominance.  It doesn't help him that he has to adjust his breaking balls and aiming when he goes on the road so his numbers aren't as spectacular as they could be.  However, for what he is able to do at Coors, we should all be thankful.

That is all the news so far, expect much more spring training coverage as the rest of the team shows up in Arizona.