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Troy Tulowitzki to Mets rumors still being pushed by New York writers

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There may come a time where it makes sense for the Rockies to trade Troy Tulowitzki to the Mets, but that time is not now (and hopefully it will never come).

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations New York writers!

You've once again proven completely incapable of writing anything useful on the subject of Troy Tulowitzki by trying to fire up more rumors that are beyond worthless. How long are we going to perpetuate this sham?

Yesterday, Michael Cuddyer made the following quote when asked about the Tulowitzki trade rumors this off season:

"Whether or not they eventually trade him? I don't know. Nobody in baseball has a player like Tulo except for the Colorado Rockies. In my opinion, you never let a guy like that go. There's no question in my mind he could be a fit here."

Can you guess what part of that quote was selectively lifted out to make  headlines? This is what a Google news search of "Tulowitzki" currently provides ...

Bad NY writers

Where are the articles saying making a huge deal about Michael Cuddyer claiming that [the Rockies] should never let go / trade a guy like Tulowitzki? I must have missed them.

Instead, there's a bombardment of no less than four separate articles from the New York metropolitan area with disingenuous headlines on a subject that's been overworked like a rented mule for the last two months by these same people. Are the Mets really such a colossal train wreck that there's not enough spring training story lines to keep this crusade that's long past its expiration date off the radar? Good grief.

Now these New York writers are obviously doing this for page clicks, and to a point I get that. Troy Tulowitzki is awesome and everybody wants to read about him. Heck, just typing his name puts smile on my face. However, at some point before the season starts this story has to die. If you can't write a story that gets more clicks than the 457,258th version of "wouldn't Troy Tulowitzki be a great fit on the Mets", then you're probably terrible at your job. There's just no way around that.

At this point, the writers from New York still obsessively writing stories linking Troy Tulowitzki to the Mets are either stunningly dishonest or stunningly ignorant, or perhaps even both.