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2015 is a win-win year for Rockies fans

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The Rockies might do better than you think this year. If they don't, changes are on the way. What is there to fuss about? Just sit back and enjoy some of the best players at their positions in the league.

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Rockies can win if healthy, but time is running out -
I talked at length with Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich about the direction of the club last week. The meat of that conversation is included in this article at SB Nation MLB this morning. Bridich and his staff believe they have the talent to compete. You might think they're crazy; I certainly don't reside too far from that stance, especially with all of the question marks in the starting rotation and bullpen.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration here, most of which is touched on in the article. Please give it a read, and while you're doing so, consider this: There's not one person I talked to -- player, coach, front office member or otherwise -- who didn't exude at least some amount of rejuvenation following the changes that were made this offseason. Maybe looser road trips and a more relaxed clubhouse won't make all that big of a difference. But maybe they will.

Either way, if it doesn't work in 2015, the general feeling is that significant changes will be on the way.

Source: Kendrick agrees to deal with Rockies |
Thomas Harding notes that the Rockies declined to comment on the reported signing of Kyle Kendrick to a one-year deal. He also opines that Kendrick's approach could work at Coors Field. Similar pitchers have fared well in the past, but that home run rate is rough.

Hopefully we'll have more in the coming days on what to expect from Kendrick. For now, here's our write-up and discussion of the move.

Ranking every MLB team's top three rivals. | : Will Leitch Article
Leitch says the Rockies' top three rivals are, in this order, the Dodgers, D-backs and Giants, and he claims Coloradoans need to "develop more anger." Apparently he doesn't read our comment threads.

Seriously though, the "rivalry" is probably more on the side of Rockies fans than it is on the other side, but I fully believe the Giants are the Rockies' top rival. Most of that stems from the humidor accusations that coincided with the downward spiral at the end of 2010, a chain of events from which the Rockies have never really recovered.

Revisiting Recommendations | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball
Fangraphs' Paul Swydan laid out a plan earlier this offseason for the Rockies to get back to being contenders. Adam Peterson revisits that plan and compares it to what the club has done thus far. The conclusion is mostly that Colorado has accomplished several poor man's versions of these moves.

Baseball Prospectus | Fantasy Infographic: Shortstops
Troy Tulowitzki is elite in four of the five offensive fantasy baseball categories. Yes, jaded ones, even when missing at least a third of the season.

Pipeline Perspectives: McMahon best hitter not on Top 100 |
Jim Callis says Rockies prospect Ryan McMahon is the best player not included in MLB Pipeline's top 100 list.