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Colorado Rockies place Tyler Chatwood on 60-day DL and add John Axford to 40-man roster

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Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Rockies announced a couple of roster moves.

As anticipated, the team placed right-handed starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood on the 60-day disabled list. Chatwood underwent his second Tommy John surgery in July, so he was not going to be in a position to contribute early on. At best, Chatwood will return in August or September. It's also possible that he remains on the DL for the entire season. The Rockies won't have to go through another round of arbitration with Chatwood until after the 2016 campaign, as the team signed him to a two year and $2 million contract in January of this year.

Right-handed reliever John Axford, who the Rockies signed in February, will take the roster spot the Chatwood move opened. Now on the 40 man roster, Axford has an edge to break camp with the big league club. If he does, he'll make $2.6 million for the season with the chance for that to increase to $4.1 million in incentives. Since 2012, Axford has struggled mightily with walks. A case of gopheritis has compounded that problem. Because of the nature of spring training, Axford will likely have to prove whether or not he has gotten those issues under control with the big league club.

These are minor moves But rejoice! For it is spring training and things are happening.