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Colorado Rockies playing the A-team against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Today we will get a look at a pretty close approximation of what the Colorado Rockies MLB club will look like in the field in 2015.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

To a backdrop of a sea of green, Irish whistles, bagpipes, and good cheer, the Colorado Rockies will take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in grand fashion.

For the first time this early spring season, the Rockies lineup consists of players likely to get a fair share of starts during the regular season. Carlos Gonzalez will be filling the role of designated hitter which opens up a spot for Drew Stubbs to enter the game, which will likely happen in the regular season as a platoon with Charlie Blackmon.

Chad Bettis gets the ball on the hill to start the game. Bettis has been a favorite of GM Jeff Bridich for a while and was converted back into a starter for this season and though he isn't high on many Rockies fans radar screen, he may be one of the guys in camp with the most to gain with good performance.

Trevor Story and Kyle Parker are the most exciting options available off the bench today, unless you are like me and overly infatuated with Cristhian Adames.

Today's game is being broadcast nationally on MLB Network.

Rally ho, rally hey, happy St. Patty's day!

Mmm. Smexy. Go Rockies.