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Colorado Rockies at Chicago White Sox: Jordan Lyles vs. John Danks

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Starting pitchers are dropping like flies, and while that puts more pressure on guys like Jon Gray, Eddie Butler, Christian Bergman, and John Lannan to make the team, it also adds pressure on the surviving pitchers to perform well if this team is going to compete at all this season.

Enter Jordan Lyles.

Lyles has been pretty good so far this spring and his importance to the club increased with every injury (or surprising release) of the other guys. Today should be a good opportunity to face a team that some expect to compete in the AL Central.

Today's game will not see Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, or Nolan Arenado, the team likely looking for some of the fringe guys to take these last few games and show what they can do. I'm rooting for Cristhian Adames to have a big day and make this team out of camp, even though that's probably unlikely. He gets the start at third today.

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