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Colorado Rockies statistical over/unders -- for fun, of course

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Don't tell that to Jarred Cosart.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Given his star status and often unpredictable performance, Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is the subject for a whole bunch of prop bets, courtesy of Bovada.

The over/under for batting average for the 30-year-old All-Star is .305, a figure he surpassed easily the last two seasons, when he hit .312 (2013) and .340 (2014). Tulo is pegged for 28½ home runs and 89½ runs batted in. He hasn't eclipsed either of those figures since 2011, when he mashed 30 homers and knocked in 105 runs.

Perhaps the most important Tulowitzki prop bet is games played. Bovada has the over/under set at 129½, a rather high number considering Tulo has exceeded that amount only three times since his full-time arrival in the big leagues in 2007.

Bovada has statistical over/unders for several other Rockies players, as well. The full list, with my prediction in parentheses:

Troy Tulowitzki

Batting average: .305 (over)
Home runs: 28½ (under)
Runs batted in: 89½ (under)
Games played: 129½ (under)

Carlos Gonzalez

Batting average: .295 (over)
Home runs: 24½ (over)
Runs batted in: 80½ (over)

Justin Morneau

Batting average: .299 (under)
Home runs: 15½ (over)

Corey Dickerson

Home runs: 22½ (under)

Nolan Arenado

Home runs: 20½ (over)

Charlie Blackmon

Batting average: .305 (under)

Kyle Kendrick

Wins: 10 (over)