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Carlos Gonzalez is hurt, and that's always a cause for concern

Hawkins hit hard yesterday and Gonzalez left early.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

LaTroy Hawkins took the loss last night after Kendrick left his start with the team in the lead.  Unfortunately, that is not the bad news from yesterday.  Carlos Gonzalez departed yesterday's game, and both and the Denver Post reported that he did so due to soreness in his surgically-repaired knee.  CarGo says it is just a little soreness and there is nothing to be worried about, but this has to be a little concerning to Rockies fans. We've been down this road before.  Here are the rest of your Saturday morning links:

2015 Positional Power Rankings: Center Field -

After only giving the Rockies 15th place for right field due to health issues for CarGo, it is no surprise that the Rockies don't rate too highly in center field.  Most pundits and projections do not have Charlie Blackmon repeating his phenomenal start to last season and see him performing largely like he did for the last four months of 2014.  This makes the Rockies 25th for this ranking.

Kendrick shows ability to battle through 'tough innings' -

Kyle didn't have a great outing in his last game, but he kept his team close and gave them a chance to win.  This, and eating innings, is what the Rockies need out of Kendrick this year and he continues to show that the team got exactly what they paid for.

Rex Brothers hit with reminder of control concern for Rockies -

Unlike Kendrick, Rex continues to be an enigma on Thursday. Rockies fans, and the Rockies, need 2013 Rex to show up rather than 2014 Rex.

The nuttiest pitches: changeups -

Not particularly related to the Rockies, but a fun read nonetheless.  Changeups have been an interesting pitch at Coors Field.  If pitchers throw them as shown in the clips in the above link they can be great.  However, if they are in the zone and a hitter is sitting on one, they are likely to be over the fence before Drew Goodman can say "you won't see it for long."