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Colorado Rockies GM approval poll: Do February moves give you more confidence in Jeff Bridich?

The Rockies over the last month added a starting pitcher and made a shrewd move in arbitration. How does that affect your opinion of Bridich's performance?

At the end of January, we posed the question: Do you approve of the job new GM Jeff Bridich is doing? The result was nearly 50-50. Of the 462 votes that were cast, 229 were in favor of Bridich. That left 233 voters unsatisfied with the new Rockies GM's progress this offseason.

Fast forward a little over a month, and little has changed with the construction and direction of the team. Colorado did make one move in February, signing free-agent starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick to a one-year, $5.5 million deal. Kendrick will almost certainly start the year in the Rockies' rotation, giving the team a proven innings eater who doesn't offer much else.

Much further under the radar was Colorado's decision to lowball (not meant in a negative context here) catcher/first baseman Wilin Rosario in arbitration. The offer paid off; arbitrators ruled in favor of the Rockies, who have Rosario signed for $2.8 million, or about $800,000 less than his projected value.

Aside from those things, February was awfully quiet. I'm OK with it, but mostly under the premise that Bridich needs to be given the opportunity to get a proper evaluation of the club he has since Rockies owner Dick Monfort had no interest in bringing in an outsider to do it (insert deadhorse dot gif).

As always, cast your vote below, and if you have thoughts on the subject that surpass a couple of paragraphs, I encourage you to use our FanPost feature. You might just get promoted to the front page -- or even to the Rockies' front office!*

*I can't guarantee this will happen, but mostly because no outside presences are allowed. Sorry.