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Good thing these Colorado Rockies spring training games don't count

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Nick Hundley could only stand and watch as the Rockies lost 3-0
Nick Hundley could only stand and watch as the Rockies lost 3-0
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

In what can only be considered an ominous start to spring training, the Rockies have not found a way to win in any of their three "A" games in this first week of spring training.  While standings don't matter (the Red Sox are 0-2), the lack of offensive production without Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki shows just how reliant this team is on their bats.  I think that it is also fair to point out that of all the playoff teams from a year ago, only the Orioles have a losing record. The records might not matter, but the performance may be a sign.

So let us hope that the Rockies get their two big bats back healthy for the season and that Jorge De La Rosa is able to get his groin back into shape.  Otherwise, we will be in for a long season.  As to the rest of the Rockies, here is some news about them, and in particular our two newest free agents:

Hundley throws out Kubitza -

OK, so I am starting off with a video, not an article, but it is a nice play to watch and a pretty close call.

New Rockies pitcher Kyle Kendrick works out of trouble in debut -

Some nice information on Kyle and his start yesterday.  Another important side note from the bottom of the article is that Christian Bergman got three of his six outs via strikeout yesterday.

Kendrick shows calm in first spring start -

More on Kyle Kendrick and the game yesterday.

Creating an expected payroll for all MLB Teams -

Want proof that the Rockies' leadership prefers to keep our cash rather than spend it on the on-field product?  This article is one of the most damning that I have seen.  Only the Cubs rank as bad as the Rockies on both of the last two graphs in this article. They show that the team has not been interested in meeting the fans' willingness to spend for the last several years.  What really irritates me is that I expect a mid-market team like the Rockies to have to go in cycles, but it looks like they consistently have decided not to "go for it" during the peak years of the best shortstop this team may ever have (2011-2015).

Other Baseball Articles:

The physics of going from first to third - The Hardball Times

For math people, here is your article to geek out on this weekend.  Interesting talk between physics and math about how to get around the bases.

Mike Norris and the moral winter - The Hardball Times

Great article about the history of the game and a somewhat forgotten player.  I urge younger readers to definitely keep up on articles like this and to continue to learn the history of this great game.