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The Colorado Rockies are set to open Coors Field for business in Friday's home opener against the Cubs

Nothing beats Opening Day.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies set to host Cubs in home opener -

For the first time since the fall of 2014, the Rockies will be playing baseball in LoDo. That's right folks; Coors Field is back open for business.

The Rockies will host the young and exciting and Kris Bryant-less Cubs for their first home series. Tyler Matzek will start the game, and a well rested bullpen will back him up. Game time is 2:10 mountain time; don't miss it.

Matzek takes mental toughness into opener -

If you had told me in April 2014 that Tyler Matzek would start the 2015 home opener, I'd be shocked; but here we are. Out of 2014 spring training, Matzek was ticketed to Triple-A to work as a reliever. But as a man said, You Can't Predict Baseball. Matzek had a break-through 2014 in the majors, hurling 117.2 innings with a 4.05 ERA, excellent numbers for a rookie who calls Coors home. His numbers at Coors were even better--a 3.61 ERA--earning him the home opening nod when Jorge De La Rosa injured his groin. Patrick Saunders also provides an excellent profile of the adversity Matzek has faced in his young career.

De La Rosa goes four frames in rehab start -

Speaking of De La Rosa, his rehab start went smoothly last night. In his four innings of work he gave up a solo home run and scattered three other hits and three walks. He struck out four. There was no recurrence of his groin injury, leaving him on track to get back to the majors for his next start--April 14 in San Francisco.

Hochman: CarGo-ing off at the plate could lead to CarGone - Denver Post

This unfortunately-headlined article appreciates the aesthetic qualities of a healthy Carlos Gonzalez. Hochman correctly points out that three games is a vanishingly small sample to judge anything of substance; except, perhaps, health. And CarGo looks healthy, strong, and ready to punish baseballs like it's 2010. Hochman speculates that it's all a showcase before a trade, a macabre subject on Opening Day; that's like going to a friend's birthday party and informing him that he's just another day closer to kicking the bucket. Let us have nice things for a little bit!

What have the new pace rules meant for Troy Tulowitzki? -

To cleanse the palate, do yourself a favor and read Jeff Sullivan's analysis of Tulo's reaction to the new pace of play rules. No spoilers, but you might never be able to watch a Tulo at-bat without giggling.

The Rockies are 3-0 and the home opener will start in just a few short hours. Life isn't so bad.