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Colorado Rockies LaTroy Hawkins, Rafael Betancourt can still pitch regardless of age

LaTroy Hawkins and Rafael Betancourt defy all odds to become reliable arms in the Rockies' bullpen.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In MLB, age ain’t nothin’ but a number – Sports on Earth

LaTroy Hawkins and Rafael Betancourt both crack this list as two of the oldest active players in MLB today. But just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Betancourt is the fourth oldest active player and is also coming off of Tommy John surgery. Those two things haven’t held him back one bit and he is looking as good as ever in the Rockies’ bullpen this year. Hawkins, who is the oldest player currently in the MLB today, is slotted as the Rockies closer to start the 2015 season. There’s a solid chance he will be moved to a setup role as the season progresses, but the fact that he’s even still pitching effectively is exciting in itself.

Jorge De La Rosa to miss another start - Denver Post

Jorge De La Rosa will miss his chance to start for the Rockies next week, as he’ll have another rehab appearance with the Albuquerque Isotopes. From what we can tell this isn’t necessarily a setback for De La Rosa, but just more time for him to build confidence before he’s back with the MLB club. Christian Bergman will fill in for De La Rosa and face the San Francisco Giants this upcoming Tuesday. De La Rosa is on track to return April 20 against the San Diego Padres

The Colorado Rockies have the most underrated lineup in baseball – SB Nation

Grant Brisbee believes the Rockies have the most underrated lineup in baseball. Looking at the lineup from top to bottom, Brisbee points out that the Rockies don’t have a below average hitter all the way until the seventh spot in the lineup. And even then, Hundley has the ability to hit well when healthy. Health is obviously key for this Rockies lineup to be potent, and there’s a still a good chance we’ll see a handful of injuries before this season ends. Regardless of how bad the Rockies pitching may be, the offense will always be fun to watch.

Suit up – Grantland

LaTroy Hawkins has helped start a new trend for rookie ball players. Instead of the usual hazing, Hawkins takes newbies out to get new suits for themselves. When Hawkins was a rookie, his former teammate Kirby Puckett took him out to pick out a few new suits, and it’s something he’s never forgotten. Current Rockies pitcher John Axford experienced the same treatment from legendary closer Trevor Hoffman during his rookie season. Whether you believe in hazing rookie players or not, this is a great way for veteran players to help rookies feel a sense of belonging with a club.