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Colorado Rockies demote LaTroy Hawkins from closer role

The Colorado Rockies have demoted LaTroy Hawkins from the closer role and are expected to try Rafael Betancourt and Adam Ottavino in that spot instead.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies aren't messin' around.

Team manager Walt Weiss told reporters today that LaTroy Hawkins, who has blown his last two save opportunities -- including in devastating fashion to Dexter Fowler who was down to his last strike -- has been demoted from his role as closer.

If a closing opportunity arrives in today's game against the San Francisco Giants,  feel-good story and one of the best relievers in team history Rafael Betancourt will get the baseball, per Weiss.

Harding, who meant "close" rather than "lose" in reference to his statement about Betancourt, finished by saying we should also expect to see Adam Ottavino, arguably the guy in the pen with the best stuff, get some closing opportunities in the future as well.

This move shows a continuation of an early trend of forward thinking this season from Weiss and Jeff Bridich.

You can add prioritizing numbers and a recognition of better options (Otto, Raffy) over interpersonal concerns to a list including: shifting, batting the pitcher eighth, batting our best hitter(s) second, letting starers go longer, parting ways with Jhoulys Chacin and optioning Rex Brothers.