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Colorado Rockies infield needs a moniker: Vote for your favorite

The Colorado Rockies infield is too good to continue on without a nickname. Vote on your favorite choice for a new moniker here!

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

If you could use only one word to describe the Colorado Rockies infield -- and in particular their stellar defensive capabilities -- what would it be? Amazing, perhaps?

The unit comprised of Nolan Arenado, Troy Tulowitzki, DJ LeMahieu, and Justin Morneau already looked stupendous (fantastic? breathtaking?) in 2014 earning three Gold Glove nominations and two wins for Nado and LeMahieu. The only player left out of the process was Tulowitzki, who is actually the best of the bunch but played only 91 games and so was not considered.

Now, with the Rockies committed to shifting more and the off-season acquisition of Nick Hundley, who has looked excellent in a small sample size (though he was expected to be a step up from Wilin Rosario and Michael McKenry) they look like they may be even better in 2015.

In particular, DJ LeMahieu has already converted a few phenomenal (incredible? unbelievable? superb?) plays in big moments that have contributed heavily to Rockies road wins.

And now that such fantastic artistry -- such marvelous displays of webworking -- are commonplace and nationally recognized, they need a moniker.

An exchange among some of your most and/or least trusted Rockies internet people begins our debate:

I got that from Purple Row's own TheGhostofMarvThroneberry. Then came this:

Then our old pal Chris Crisman delighted and horrified us (or at least me) with this proposition:

It's funny and it works. The word play on "leather" is fun but Leather Daddies just sounds creepy to me.

Then in an ode to my "Jhoulys de la Chatwood" days, I suggested Troylan LeMorneau. Probably lame, but it's funny to at least one person.

Jake Shapiro of Rockies Zingers contributed several quality nicknames in the more absurd vein, my favorite being "The Twenty Seven Million, Seven Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollar Infield." Catchy, right?

And then a friend I've known since I was four years old came up with one that is by far my new favorite:

So, do you like any of these? Or something of your own? Vote in our poll!

Or don't -- but when we start calling our sensational (unparalleled? remarkable? mesmerizing? radical? tubular? cowabunga?) infield the "Leather Daddies" don't come running to me to complain.