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Colorado Rockies @ San Francisco Giants Game 2: Bergman, Rox aim for road series win

Christian Bergman gets his first start of the season a day after the Colorado Rockies spoiled the Giants home opener. Can they win yet another road series tonight?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Lets assume that the Rockies won't be quite as fortunate this evening as they were yesterday afternoon. While plenty of skills were displayed to work out of the jam by all those involved, the Rockies can't make a habit of putting enough people on base to start up a Broadway musical.

Christian Bergman takes the hill in his first start of the season, having already been successful in a couple of bullpen appearances. Originally, it had been theorized that Jorge de la Rosa would be pitching in this spot but he is not ready to go yet, and so the first test of the Rockies MLB pitching depth begins.

The Rockies will run out the same lineup that has been pretty awesome so far this season, though they were held to just two runs yesterday ... so now they are due, right?

Tim Hudson gets the rock for the Giants.

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