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Colorado Rockies infield moniker Part 2: The final vote

The Colorado Rockies infield moniker final vote is here, choose wisely between: The Leather Daddies, Infield of Dreams, Coors Shield, The TuLeMordo Triangle, and The Tarp.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As is often the case, the people who read my articles are a lot smarter than the person who writes them.

When I asked the Purple Row community to comment upon, vote and submit their own ideas for, a new nickname for the Colorado Rockies infield, they did not disappoint.

Since there was such a wealth of quality suggestions from the community, we thought it might be nice to add some of the best ones, eliminate some of the worst ones, and do a final vote for an official Purple Row moniker for the Rockies stellar infield.

We may even have a community member make some shirts for whatever wins. So take this somewhat absurd exercise seriously!

Here are the finalists:

Leather Daddies


- Everyone who has seen Arrested Development will find this hilarious

- The double meaning of the word "leather" works

- We're a sick community


- Something is wrong with all of us

- Think of the children

Infield of Dreams


- Tie-in to one of the greatest sports movies of all time, Field of Dreams

- The infield is pretty dreamy

-  Could easily make for a pretty cool shirt


- Not especially unique to the Rockies

Coors Shield


- Really flows off the tongue

- Unique to Rockies

- The Shield imagery is both awesome as a metaphor for defense and makes for good merchandising


- Uhhhhhh ... none?

The TuLeMordo Triangle


- Uses the players names

- Reference to Bermuda Triangle, where things go to disappear (hits, runs, etc)

- Kinda sounds like something from Lord of the Rings and already has an awesome meme here on the Row


- Doesn't flow especially well

- If not pronounced correctly, it can sound like it leaves out LeMahieu

The Tarp


- Denotes a "covering" of the entire infield

- Was suggested by Ryan Spilborghs, who is awesome

Update: Voting in the poll will close a NOON Thursday, April 16th