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Colorado Rockies get walloped in 7-0 loss to the Dodgers

The Rockies lost a stinker and were blown out 7-0.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Butler gave up two runs on six hits through five innings, striking out four and walking a single batter. It's nice to see those walk numbers down and the strikeouts still present, but it is concerning that opposing teams don't struggle much in reaching base against him. Really poor day at the plate for the Rockies, who went just 4 for 29.

The Dodgers hammered Scott Oberg, who allowed three earned runs. Coming in for Eddie Butler in the sixth inning, Oberg immediately gave up a home run to Howie Kendrick before walking Andre Ethier. An error by Morneau on a ball in foul territory preceded a two-run homer by Scott Van Slyke and a subsequent solo shot by Joc Pederson. A.J. Ellis doubled before Oberg got Alex Guerrero to fly out, but he'd be replaced by Christian Bergman who would would allow Justin Turner a RBI-double before getting out of the inning.

The Morneau error may help Oberg's statistics, but in truth the five runs the crossed the plate in the sixth were really a result of Oberg's pitching, who allowed a total of three home runs, two doubles, and a walk.

Bergman, for his part, pitched a scoreless 2.2 innings to finish the game and struck out two along the way. Charlie Blackmon went 2 for 3 at the plate and drew a walk, but the Rockies were only able to muster up two singles and two walks in addition to that. Tough game for the Rockies in all departments, but let's hope they can get back on track as they prepare to host the Padres in a series of four.

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