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Colorado Rockies take the Giants to extra innings, lose in the 11th

The Rockies forced the the Giants into extra innings courtesy of some timely hits in the ninth, but fell to the Giants in extra innings.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants struck early, with Pagan scoring courtesy of a double by Buster Posey, but the Rockies would answer in the second after Chuck drove in DJ LeMahieu. Tulo would go yard in the third to put the Rockies up, but the Giants would go ahead by two after Susac homered in the fourth and Maxwell went yard for two in the sixth. CarGo went deep in the sixth as well, however, to cut the deficit by one and LeMahieu would score off of a fielder's choice in the ninth to force the game into extra innings.

Great to see CarGo and Tulo go yard, as the Rockies need production out of their best if they want any chance at competing in the long run. A much better outing from JDLR as well, who gave up two over five innings and whiffed seven. Anything would've been better than last time, but still. Oberg gave up two, but the rest of the 'pen was solid. I like Oberg, but he's seemed very hittable thus far.

Unfortunately, Pagan would score again in the eleventh off of an infield ball from Panik. Brooks Brown has had a shaky week, and things were the same for him tonight, as he gave up a run on a hit, walk, and a pair of sac hits. RIP. Let's take the series tomorrow.

Source: FanGraphs

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