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Jorge De La Rosa feeling more like himself, Rockies show fighting spirit in loss to Giants

The Rockies fell short in last night's game against the Giants, but Jorge De La Rosa says he's nearing 100%

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies put up a fight in last night's game, forcing the game into extra innings after scoring the tying run in the ninth, but fell just short in eleventh. Definitely some encouraging signs, however, not the least of which was a much-improved performance from Jorge De La Rosa.

Rockies Links

Rockies rally in ninth, but fall to Giants in 11 — MLB

For some reason, there wasn't the usual button to embed the video as there usually is, so follow the link to see more of DJ being awesome if you didn't see it already. A slick, sliding stop and flip to Tulo with the bases loaded in the sixth saved at least a run and helped the Rockies stay in the game.

They just executed it well. I gave [Panik] a good pitch to bunt. [Aoki] was on third base because I walked him to lead off the inning. The leadoff walk will always kill you. Taught that ever since you learn how to pitch. Bad situation to be in. They got the job done and I didn't. — Brooks Brown

Tough stretch for Brown, who gave up the winning run to the Giants last night in the eleventh. In happier news, Tulo hit his 100th career home run at Coors Field, putting the Rockies up 2-1 early. Congratulations, here's to 100 more!

De La Rosa pleased with outing; Dickerson's quad sore — MLB

JDLR went five innings and whiffed seven, allowing two runs in a nice effort, and said after the game "I feel much better, I was mixing all my pitches pretty good. I stayed in control. More calm and made better pitches today. Kept the ball down. I think that was they key today.

Nice to see De La Rosa get back into form, as he's a crucial component of this team. Dickerson had to leave the game last night after fouling a ball off of his quadriceps, but thankfully his foot is feeling better and he seems to feel fine.

Giants to lean on Lincecum in series finale in Denver — MLB

Matzek and Lincecum set to square off in round two today, the former having gotten the better of the latter in their last meeting. For the sake of the bullpen, let's hope Matzek can go a bit deeper in this game, as he's averaged just 5.0 innings pitched per start.

Ottavino benefits from unusually flexible elbows — MLB

Ottavino has a freakish elbow that's apparently more than just freakishly good at hurling nasty pitches. Whatever it is, Ottavino has allowed zero runs, three hits, two walks, and whiffed 13 in 10.1 innings and has a WHIP of 0.48.

MLB Links

Harris' Major League debut worth the wait — MLB

The RHP was the first Naval Academy graduate to pitch in the MLB since 1921 and tossed 1.1 scoreless innings in his debut. Cool, feel-good story about a guy who had to wait seven years to get to the MLB after serving five years in the Navy.

US military, college students eligible for .TV discount — MLB

Good news for all you fans out there in the military or in college. I promise I don't work for MLB.TV, although I could make a fantastic salesman. Anyway, as a broke student myself, I always like to pass along a deal. I've been watching games on a crap streaming site that must be hosted on a server that's actually a toaster.

Galvis makes diving stop, shakes off pain — MLB

Freddy Galvis, the Phillies' short stop, made a sick play in their loss yesterday. Galvis dove to his left, threw on a weird flip, and got the out. I really don't know how to explain what happened, but it sure was pretty.