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Tuesday Rockpile: It's Purple Row's 10th birthday!

Thoughts from a wonderful weekend in Denver, plus a very special message.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a great weekend for Purple Row and SB Nation's MLB community as a whole.

The Colorado Rockies invited us to cover a weekend series that included a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the team's jewel of a ballpark, gave us the keys to their Twitter account and, overall, treated us like kings.

The Rockies have made huge strides over the last few seasons, going from an organization that was largely viewed as out of touch with reality to one that has fully embraced all forms of media. This isn't just because the club has let Purple Row in; other blogs have been accepted by the club, as well, and the organization has made it a point to ensure that traditional media members are more taken care of than they'd been in the past.

This is good for everyone who covers the Rockies. And, as tends to happen, the snowball effect will be great for the club itself.

Highlights from the weekend:

Richard from Rockies Zingers posted about the Spillylunch and ensuing panel discussion. He has photos and audio from the event. Make sure you check it out.

And, finally, a message to the staff -- and, really, the entire community -- from some very important people:

Let's celebrate by getting some heavily discounted pizza! Remember: every time the Rockies win, use promo code ROXWIN at to get 50 percent off of the regular menu price.