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Colorado Rockies 5, Milwaukee Brewers 2: Rox tie 103-year-old doubles record

The Rockies tied a 103-year-old record on their way to a rare road series win.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies won their first road series of the season today. They won only three all of last season.

And also, the Rockies offense is officially scary. Putting up (only?) five runs today, the team also tied a 103-year-old record for doubles through the first two games of a season. A little random? Sure. But the pace this offense is on is perhaps best felt by a Brewers pitching staff that never feels comfortable, no matter which purple pinstriper stands in the box.

Today's game cruised along at a 0-0 tie until the top of the fourth inning but some early loud outs for the Rockies proved to be good omens.

The fourth inning was shades of Opening Day. Troy Tulowitzki doubled. Nolan Arenado doubled, Corey Dickerson doubled (opposite field on a fastball up and in) and Nick Hundley and DJ LeMahieu added singles to bring the inning total to three runs scored.

The offense would strike again in the top of the fifth, beginning with a Carlos Gonzalez (guess what?) double and an RBI single from Tulo, and one more time when CarGo hit a sacrifice fly in the sixth.

There was some confusion as to whether the Rockies had tied or set a record for doubles through the first two games of a season but Patrick Saunders cleared it all up:

Another interesting way to think about it comes from Neal Kendrick:

And Purple Row member SDCat09 summed up my feelings about this game and this start in an unrelated gif:


Source: FanGraphs

Go team.

Eddie Butler day tomorrow! Baseball is the best.

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