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Colorado Rockies' early rotation woes alarming

But you already knew that, right?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rockies' roughed-up starting rotation hurting bullpen - Nick Groke, The Denver Post
This Rockies rotation, in terms of actual performance and results, rivals the 2012 version for the worst I've ever seen. Three of the team's starting pitchers have walked at least as many batters as they've struck out. That trend is not going to be a positive one going forward. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it.

That leads into the ability of the bullpen to sustain what has been an excellent performance thus far. That unit has walked the second-fewest batters (19) in the highest number of innings (76 1/3) of any bullpen in the NL.

Starting pitching must improve if Colorado Rockies want to compete - David Martin, BSN Denver
Did you know that the Rockies' rotation isn't very good? Seriously, though, David is not wrong. The rotation is bad. Rockies starters have issued more walks (58) in fewer innings (110 2/3) than any rotation in the league. The club is undefeated when it gets a quality start, but that has happened a league-worst five times this season.

Tulo too good to not be NL starter |
Troy Tulowitzki is easily the best shortstop in baseball and as such, is a no-brainer to start the 2015 All-Star Game if he's healthy, writes Tracy Ringolsby. You'll have a hard time finding anyone here (or almost anywhere, really) who would disagree with that, but I am curious about Tulo's severely increased strikeout and decreased walk rates. You can read more about that here.

A Year Abroad: The Infinite Sea and the Edge of a Knife | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball
Rockies Zingers' spfleming, a lifelong Cardinals fan who is dabbling in Rockies fandom for the first time, discusses what he's learned about the team thus far. He's essentially still an outsider when it comes to Colorado baseball, which lends to the idea that his assessments of the team are fresh and honest.

Those things aren't always possible with people like the ones we have writing here because we've been so entrenched in the team's day-to-day operations. This part was an especially nice read, and I think he's pretty spot-on with it:

The Rockies’ fielders don’t make many mistakes. The Rockies’ hitters don’t make many mistakes. But the few they do, here and there, just expose the cavernous gap of ability in pitching.

Glenallen Hill is Charting The Rockies Future - Rox Pile
Rox Pile's Troy Olsen profiles Triple-A Albuquerque's manager, a member of the Rockies' minor and major league coaching staffs for more than a decade now.

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Jamie Steed has an excellent breakdown of teams that are in a position to take a chance on lefty-killer Wilin Rosario, who is stuck in Triple-A purgatory (and playing poor defense in the process). The Red Sox, Phillies and Mariners appear to be the best fits.