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Colorado Rockies pitcher Yohan Flande is dominating in Double-A New Britain

Yohan Flande improves to 5-0 on the season after a complete game shutout against the Portland Sea Dogs.

Trevor Brown/Getty Images

Scorching Flande tosses one-hit shutout – MiLB

Yohan Flande has been absolutely dominant to start the year for Double-A New Britian. Saturday afternoon, Flande threw a one-hit complete game shutout against the Portland Sea Dogs. He threw 70 of his 98 pitches for strikes and his effort dropped his ERA to 1.36. He's now 5-0 to start the year. Yes, he is 29 and pitching against Double-A hitters, but it's still encouraging to see, and it's possible he'll be up in the big league bullpen before the season ends.

Sunday Sit-Down: Bryan Kilpatrick of Purple Row – RoxPile

The Boss of Purple Row, Bryan Kilpatrick, sat down and with Bobby DeMuro of Rox Pile to discuss today’s Rockies blogs and other Rockies related topics. Bryan has been around this community for a long time, and it’s interesting to see his personal take on things. He tells DeMuro what he’d do with Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez if he were GM, provides his thoughts on Zinger Jake Shapiro, and what it was like to take over the official Rockies twitter account. This is a fun conversation, and I highly recommend reading it, or else Bryan will ban you. Just kidding. I think.

Diamondbacks and Rockies are Mirror Images of Each Other – Today’s Knuckleball

The Rockies and Diamondbacks are similar in many ways. They both have solid offense, poor pitching, and are likely to battle for fourth place in the NL West. Colorado hasn’t been to the postseason since 2009 and the Diamondbacks haven’t been since 2011. Neither team is in an actual rebuild mode and they’re not exactly in a win-now mode either. One of these teams will have to likely make some bold moves to start pushing themselves in the right direction.

What’s Wrong with the Rockies’ Starting Pitching? – Rockies Zingers

Rockies starters have pitched 5.12 innings per game this year, which is not very good compared to the league average of 5.78. Rockies starters have an ERA of 5.59 over those 5.12 innings, which will have to go down if the Rockies have any intention on having a winning season. Another disturbing statistic? The Rockies bullpen has averaged nearly four innings per game. That's almost half of the game being pitched by your bullpen. Finding success for Rockies pitchers has always been a struggle, but Nick Tremaroli thinks the key for starters to succeed in Coors Field is that "they must change who pitches here on a regular basis." Rockies' pitching is horrendous this year, and this is a good in-depth article looking at these problems.