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Monday Rockpile: The baseball is as bad as the weather is cold

Notes on the Rockies' losing streak and awful pitching, plus good stuff on Jon Gray and Nick Hundley.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies' losing streak is now at nine after another day of horrid baseball. We break down what is one of the team's most unwatchable stretches ever. Thomas Harding also has more on the losing streak.

Nick Tremaroli asks 'whats wrong with the Rockies pitching' in a piece that's surprisingly shorter than a Russian novel considering the title.

The Denver Post had a good piece yesterday on Jon Gray, and this was before he took another step in the right direction with his latest outing. The general consensus on how things go for Gray from here seems to revolve around his ability to develop his changeup. He fully admits in this linked piece that his blazing velocity while at Oklahoma was a different time in which he didn't pitch as often, meaning he's much more likely to be a 92-95 mph guy than somebody who consistently jams 99 mph fastballs down hitters  throats. This doesn't mean he can't be an effective major league pitcher, but it does mean that more than ever, he needs an above average third pitch to reach his ceiling.

Finally, there has been one nice thing to watch amid the crud at the major league level, and it's been Nick Hundley's extremely solid start to the season at the plate. For me, the most encouraging thing has been the way he's used the entire field.