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Colorado Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki, agent reportedly will discuss trade request

Joel Sherman says the 2015 version of the Troy Tulowitzki trade ball will begin rolling this week.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rockies star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and his agent, Paul Cohen, will discuss the possibility of asking the team's front office for a trade, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

Tulowitzki was open about his situation with the Rockies throughout last season, when the team finished 66-96, the second time in three years it lost more than 95 games. The four-time all-star said last July that he wants to play "where there's a chance to be in the playoffs every single year." The Rockies entered this season likely knowing that wasn't a possibility. Whether Tulo was on board with that is unknown, but it's clear that he's unhappy with the team's performance this season to date.

"I'm sitting in my chair here and trying to think of one positive thing and there are not many," Tulowitzki told reporters after the Rockies' latest loss, a 9-5 defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday. "It's tough, but what are you going to do?"

Perhaps what Tulo is going to do is request a trade. From Sherman:

Cohen said he "spent a tremendous amount of time" on this topic with Tulowitzki in the offseason. He explained "it doesn't take a rocket scientist" to see why the subject will be renewed now - the Rockies are miserable again (they had a nine-game losing streak going into Tuesday) and the likelihood of being a contender any time soon is not strong.

Sherman, a New York-based reporter, once wrote an article essentially saying the Yankees can/should acquire Carlos Gonzalez from the Rockies for nothing, so on one hand, it's hard to take this piece of news too seriously. There is a lot of agent speak involved, and it's not like anyone should be surprised that a conversation like this is happening between Tulo and Cohen.

On the other hand, Sherman did break the news about Ubaldo Jimenez wanting out of Colorado in 2011, so he's not wrong all the time.

Tulowitzki entered Tuesday hitting .307/.317/.495, a steep drop from his production a year ago, when he posted a .340/.432/.603 line before suffering a season-ending injury in July. Tulowitzki, usually the most patient hitter on the team, owns a walk rate that is dead-last in the National League, so it's possible that he's pressing in the early part of a season that could be even more pivotal for him than anyone imagined going into it.