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Rockies prospect Jordan Patterson stays true to himself during hitting streak

Patterson was tearing up the California League before landing on the disabled list earlier this month.

Jen Mac Ramos

Though his 12-game hitting streak with the Modesto Nuts came to an end before his current stint on the disabled list, 2013 fourth-rounder Jordan Patterson said his offensive routine is to stay true to who he is at the plate.

"Sticking to what I do best, my plan or routine or whatever that may be," Patterson said of his developmental focus this season. "Really not trying to get out my coverage zone and do what I do best."

When talking about his hot streak at the plate, he credits the coaching staff to helping him develop routines.

"It’s just been, come to the park every day, prepared, ready to go," Patterson said. "Really coming up with a pitch-to-pitch routine, an at-bat to at-bat routine. Just sticking to what I do in my approach and staying true to who I am. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do."

As for his goals for the rest of the season, he hopes to win some hardware with the Nuts.

"Love playing with these guys," Patterson said. "Fun team, coaching staff to be with. Really, just to win ballgames and win a championship."

Asked if he expects to stay in Modesto the rest of the season, Patterson said that it's not his call.

"I just come to the park every day to play and whatever happens, happens," he said.

Patterson, 23, was hitting .341/.423/.637 in 91 at-bats for Modesto before landing on the seven-day DL with what has been described as a "minor shoulder injury."