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Rockies snap 11-game losing streak on a moonshot from Carlos Gonzalez

Goodbye baseball. Goodbye losing streak.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

With almost any good story, there's both foreshadowing and plot twists you don't see coming. Naturally, tonight's game - A game in which the Rockies snapped a losing streak that was one out away from reaching a dozen - was blessed with both.

When the skies opened up at Dodger Stadium in the top of the sixth inning, it seemed all too likely that the rain was nothing by symbolism. The cloud that's been following the Rockies around for the last two weeks, both literally and figuratively, found them in of all places, Los Angeles - Where it almost never rains during baseball season.

The tarp came on the field, and for a while, you had to wonder if Brett Anderson was going to collect his second rain shortened complete game victory against the Rockies in a week. That's the way things have been going for this team.

But this time, the rain wasn't symbolizing the stormy waters the Rockies are traveling through; it was instead foreshadowing the end of their winless drought.  That fact however, would remain obscured until the Rockies were one out away from their twelfth consecutive loss.

As the game resumed, it looked to be business as usual. After plating a run on a Jimmy Rollins error to cut the Dodger lead to 4-2, the Rockies loaded the bases with just one out and then couldn't put another ball in play. Former Rockie Juan Nicasio sent down both Nick Hundley (swinging) and DJ LeMahieu (looking) to end what looked to be the Rockies best chance to put up a crooked number all night.

That thought didn't change much over the next two innings either, as the Rockies failed to record a hit in the seventh or eighth, further amplifying the feeling of dread and the general malaise surrounding the team.

Then, when you least expected it, the Rockies came alive. Yimi Garcia's 1.80 ERA and 14.4 K/9 ratio came in to hand the Rockies their ninth straight loss against the Dodgers, and tenth in a row in LA. But it wasn't to be on this night. Nick Hundley led off the inning with a single to right, and two batters later Drew Stubbs lined a base hit to left to bring the tying run to the plate.

After a Charlie Blackmon strikeout, the stage was set for Carlos Gonzalez to do this:


Goodbye baseball!

Goodbye Los Angeles lead!

For once, the Rockies got exactly what they, and Carlos Gonzalez needed. After walking twice earlier in the game, Cargo got a pitch down and in he could rake, and rake he did. Perhaps those walks helped set up the pitch he got in the ninth, or perhaps Garcia just made a huge mistake that came at a very opportune time for the Rockies, but either way it was nice to see.

It's possible that this game could also be foreshadowing the end of Carlos Gonzalez's slump, but he's been such a tough player to read so far this season I'll refrain from going any further down the road and just remain cautiously optimistic on that front. Either way, the Rockies need him to return to being a positive contributor. This was a hell of a start.

Unfortunately, that's where the foreshadowing from this game likely ends. I'd love to tell you how this game is going to be a turning point of sorts and how we may look back at the ninth inning tonight as a key moment of the season, but alas, I just don't see it. Momentum as they say is only as good as the next day's starting pitcher, and the Dodgers have Kershaw and Greinke lined up to take the mound for the next two games.

Not only that, but the Rockies still have a whole host of problems they need to turn around. The pitching, even tonight walked more guys than they struck out, the offense was one out away from failing to score more than two runs for the fifth time in six games (and also struck out 14 times), and Troy Tulowitzki looks as lost as I've seen him at the plate since early 2009.

Still, the Rockies will gladly take this win and try to build on it. Much like the southern California rain this evening, it won't end the overall drought that's likely to get worse before it gets better, but it will provide good news on the subject for the next 24 hours. Hey, after what's occurred lately, savor every drop of good news. You never know when or if the next dramatic game winning hit from Carlos Gonzalez in a Rockies  uniform will come.