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Talking Colorado Rockies prospects with Ben Badler, plus more on Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 44

Prospects, Tulo and ROOT's rough week are the topics of the Marvin Freeman Edition of PDP!

It's been 44 episodes, probably 40 of which have included our show-ending joke about Ben Badler coming up next week, but ... seriously, Ben Badler is on this week's edition of the show. We'll talk lots of Rockies prospects, Colorado's player development reputation, the future of Cuban baseball, and much more with Baseball America's national writer.

The Rockies snapped the second-longest losing streak in franchise history on Thursday, and Troy Tulowitzki says he isn't asking for a trade. We'll discuss that and ROOT's tone deaf week on the broadcast. All that and more on the Marvin Freeman Memorial Edition of the PDP!

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