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Corey Dickerson exited last night's game early

News and notes for Sunday morning.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Dickerson exits early with plantar fasciitis |

Corey Dickerson left last night's game agains the Dodgers. Dickerson's plantar fasciitis, which Thomas Harding notes has been with him since late in spring training, became aggravated while Dickerson ran down a fly ball in the outfield. We might be hearing about this issue for the rest of the season.

Here's a rumor connecting Troy Tulowitzki and the Giants that I'm posting only for traffic - McCovey Chronicles

COUNTERINTUITIVE: The Giants are in the running to trade for Troy Tulowitzki.

FACT: Troy Tulowitzki rumors, however improbable, beget Internet traffic.

INTUITIVE: This article was written by Grant Brisbee, so you're going to ignore the motive in the headline and click it whether he actually tells you to or not.

MLB players talk about celebrations and the changing culture of the game -

Catherine Slonksnis provides a broad view of how comparatively stodgy baseball is compared to other sports in the United States, as well as baseball abroad. There are some excellent quotes from ballplayers here. American born players tend to attribute "respect" to a great deal of minor actions during a game, which creates an environment where players police one another under the guise of a set of unwritten rules and ultimately dampen in-game emotion.

The Raison D’être of the Baseball | Banished to the Pen

Baseballs—we think of them from the perspective of the pitcher, the batter, and the audience. But what do baseballs want? What do they desire? Why are they here? Andrew Patrick addresses these important questions. This is a fun read.


Hale Storm | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball

JJ Buck at Rockies Zingers talked to future Rockies starting pitcher David Hale about adjusting to life in Albuquerque and pitching at altitude. Audio included for the aurally inclined.

2007 Rocktober Memories For Colorado Rockies Fans — Rox Pile

Last week, Nick Stephens reminded us that however bad things seem right now, we still have (at least right now) the dregs of 2012 to recall and lift us up. Len Nunes takes a different approach to reach a similar conclusion: remembering the exciting days of 2007.