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Colorado Rockies return home after 2-4 road trip

It would have been nice to take yesterday's game and earn a split on the road trip, but there were things to build off in this southern California adventure.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

After a 2-4 road trip which saw the Rockies actually post a neutral run differential (19-19) and not give up more than six runs in any game, the Rockies will head home and play eight games in seven days against the Phillies and Giants.

John Axford looks up to his little man - Denver Post

The most touching story of the weekend came from Patrick Sanders as he documents John's two-year-old son, Jameson, and his battle for life and recovery after a rattlesnake bite in spring training. This piece should put the way the Rockies have been playing on the field into perspective.

Saunders also has injury updates on Troy Tulowitzki, Corey Dickerson, Jorge De La Rosa and Jordan Lyles - Denver Post

The Rockies are not piling up big injuries to important players at the rate they have the last few years yet, but it feels like the vultures are gathering around them. Of the four players discussed here, Dickerson's sounds the most serious, but a DL trip is still in question because it's not likely that 15 days of rest will fix his problem. This is something that the Rockies are going to have to deal with all season, and maybe beyond.

Kyle Kendrick posts his second consecutive encouraging start -

Thomas Harding writes about the silver lining to yesterday's loss, and it's the second consecutive solid outing from Kyle Kendrick. Unfortunately, the Rockies have only scored a combined two runs for Kendrick in his last two outings, but perhaps these starts are an indication that the Rockies will get the normal, mediocre Kendrick this year and not the batting practice machine that showed up for five starts while posting an 11.08 ERA.

Shutouts dominated the scoreboard on Sunday - Baseball Reference

We all know scoring is as low as its been in baseball in a couple of decades, and yesterday was a great example of that. Of the 15 games played Sunday, seven of them ended with one team getting shut out.

Dan Jennings named Marlins Manager -

One of the teams shutout yesterday was the Marlins, and they were one out away from getting no hit. Following play, the club canned manager Mike Redmond and announced this morning that Dan Jennings, who was serving as GM,  will become the new manager, effective immediately.


What happened to the Rockies offense? - RoxPile

That's the question Andrew Dill asks after what's been an underwhelming first month and a half from a group that has some serious stars. There's no one answer to this question, but Dill hints at a couple of them.

The Rockies may be falling out of the race, but they gave fans reason for hope on this road trip - BSN Denver

David Martin highlights the relatively better play and the positive signs from the last week. Perhaps the Rockies can turn it into results on the scoreboard this week as they return home.