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Colorado Rockies injury updates: Surgery an option for Corey Dickerson; Walt Weiss has 'concern' about Justin Morneau

Plus, a note on the Rockies' recent string of quality starts, the Tulo trade rumors "media production" argument and an interesting point about Larry Walker.

Harry How/Getty Images

Rockies manager Walt Weiss joined MLB Network Radio to discuss the state of his team, including the injury situations surrounding outfielder Corey Dickerson and infielder Justin Morneau. A couple of nuggets, via the Twitter machine:

Morneau's trade value will certainly be affected by how long he's out of action, which isn't an ideal situation for the Rockies. But that really takes a backseat to his health. Morneau's bounceback story was a great one, so it's tough to see him dealing with the same scary concussion issues again. Best of luck to him in his recovery.

Rockies Mailbag: Troy Tulowitzki trade talk not a "media production" - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders believes Jeff Bridich's statement about the Tulo trade rumors being simply a product of media hype "is a crock."

I wouldn't go that far -- certainly Joel Sherman of the New York Post spun some quotes from Tulo's agent, Paul Cohen, to fit his desired narrative -- but I probably would've run with those same quotes had they been provided to me. That said, Tulo has expressed his desire to play for a contender in the past, so I don't see how this can entirely be blamed on the media.

Bettis continues string of quality starts |
After Chad Bettis' stellar outing last night, the Rockies have four quality starts in their last eight games, notes Dargan Southard. Colorado had just five such starts in its previous 28 contests.

Baseball Prospectus | The Lineup Card: Seven Memories of Randy Johnson's Hall of Fame Career
One of the points here discusses how Larry Walker's Hall of Fame chances might have been affected by his refusal to hit against Johnson in the late 1990s. Walker ended up being very successful at the plate against the Big Unit, posting a .393/.485/.571 line during Johnson's peak years. But the media -- including Mark Kiszla, who was a troll even in the '90s -- never got over Walker sitting from 1997 through 1999 in interleague games for which Johnson was the scheduled starter.


Is Blake Doyle The Fall Guy For The Colorado Rockies? - Rox Pile
The Rockies have been horrendous at drawing walks and have just been over-aggressive at the plate overall the last couple of seasons. How much Blake Doyle really has to do with that should be a different topic of debate, but Bobby DeMuro asks if the Rockies' hitting coach should be the fall guy regardless..

Nick Hundley’s attitude is exactly what the Colorado Rockies need
Hundley has been refreshingly open and honest with the media regarding the Rockies' struggles, but the real key is how he's backing up his statements on the field. David Martin has a nice piece about that for BSN Denver.


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