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C.J. Nitkowski talks Rockies, MLB managers and more on Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 45

The intro, though. The intro...

Anthony's in Los Angeles. Tyler's in New York. Istanbul is somewhere in this general area. We're taking the PDP nationwide for the Jhoulys Chacin Memorial Edition.

This week, Fox Sports 1 analyst C.J. Nitkowski joins the show to talk about a range of topics including the Rockies (obviously), the oddity of inexperience in recent major league managerial hirings, applying foreign substances to baseballs and more.

Plus, we'll honor David Letterman (since he obviously was craving our approval of his magnificent career), talk Jon Gray, Tyler Matzek, Justin Morneau, the Rockies' rising walk rates and a whole boatload on top of it on this week's show.

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