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Colorado Rockies are struggling on the bases in 2015

The Rockies need to start running smarter and not harder.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies piling up TOOTBLANs, rank near the bottom of baseball in baserunning – Denver Post

The Rockies are currently second to last in in Fangraphs' base running stat BsR at -5.0, just behind the White Sox, who are -10.4. That means that the Rockies have cost themselves five runs due to poor base running. The Rockies base running struggles seem to stem from being over-aggressive. In order to be successful you have to balance aggressive base running and smart base running. With the lack of offense lately, it’s not a huge surprise to see players trying to make the most out of what they’re given, but unfortunately so far it’s resulted in a lot of outs on the bases. The Rockies will need to improve on the bases if they want to turn their record around.

Rockies place reliever Roberts on the 15-day DL –

Rockies left-handed reliever Ken Roberts was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Saturday due to left elbow inflammation. Brooks Brown was activated in his place. Walt Weiss says he's "not overly concerned" about the injury, but there's always some concern with elbow problems with pitchers. Roberts got lit up on Friday as he gave up three runs and four hits and only got two outs. It's likely Roberts will end up going back down to the minors after his DL stint with reliever LaTroy Hawkins expected back to the big league club soon.

MLB's key quarter-mark questions – Sports on Earth

We're approximately a quarter through the season, and things aren't looking too bright for the Rockies. It's still a big question mark as to if and when the Rockies will start to sell this season, as they're unlikely to reach the playoffs at this pace. Troy Tulowitzki trade talks have finally died after a week or so of speculation and Carlos Gonzalez is still struggling at the plate. It will definitely be interesting to see if Jeff Bridich decides it's time to make some moves when the trade deadline rolls around.


"Bloggers On The Airwaves!" - RoxPile

It's a fun time to be a Rockies blogger right now. The Rockies are struggling and it's time for everyone to start expressing their opinions. Richard Bergstrom of Rockies Zingers was on The Sports Show with Les Shapiro and Woody Paige a couple days ago, and RoxPile writer Troy Olsen will be joining them as well via Skype sometime next week. I highly recommending tuning in to see what awesome things Woody and Les have to say. Hopefully Troy can handle it.

Colorado Rockies continue struggling at Coors Field

David Martin of discusses the abysmal play at home from the Rockies. Kyle Kendrick had a solid start on Friday, pitching into the seventh only allowing four runs, and a start like that is exactly what the Rockies need at Coors Field. Unfortunately, the offense has been non existent and was not there to back Kendrick up. The Rockies are also having a hard time getting into a rhythm due to rain during almost every home game this season. It's a gloomy time in Denver right now, both literally and figuratively.