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20 things we learned this week watching the Colorado Rockies

A quick recap of another weird week for the Rockies

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the sixth Purple Row edition (and 111th overall) of Tuesdays With Mitch, where I'm confused by this large source of light and heat in the sky. What is that thing? Let's get into it...

I'm pretty short on time this week so the writing portion of today's post will be quite a bit lighter than usual. Obviously you can blame this on the holiday weekend for jacking up my schedule and forcing me to spend time with family, friends, food, and lots and lots of beer.

It was an up-and-down week for the Rockies. Here are a few things I've learned over the past seven days:

  1. Rain is wet.
  2. Rain is usually cold.
  3. Wind is cold.
  4. Wind, when combined with rain, is quite cold.
  5. Rain and cold and wind and baseball do not make a good combination.
  6. May of 2015 has been a very bad month if you are a normal and reasonable human being who enjoys sunshine and the outdoors.
  7. Rain delays are boring.
  8. Root Sports really likes that Jenny Cavner interview with Nolan Arenado.
  9. Root Sports needs more programming to fill the hours-long rain delay that occurs each day.
  10. People like fireworks.
  11. People do not like fireworks as much as they dislike sitting in awful weather watching awful baseball games.
  12. Rain delay fireworks in front of a mostly-empty stadium are the weirdest kind of fireworks.
  13. Brandon Belt can hit baseballs a long, long way.
  14. David Hale deserves another few starts in a Rockies uniform.
  15. Chad Bettis deserves at least 500 more starts in a Rockies uniform.
  16. Brandon Barnes is a fun player to watch.
  17. Troy Tulowitzki is really taking his time in turning back into the Troy Tulowitzki who is the National League's best player.
  18. Nolan Arenado, man.
  19. Three-game winning streaks are more fun than eleven-game losing streaks.
  20. And lastly, rain is wet.
Unfortunately that's all I have for you this week, but the internet sports world bailed me out and can provide plenty of entertainment for you, so...
Let's hit the weekly departments.

Stud of the week:

Catching a foul ball or home run is lame these days. Real studs catch bats with one hand without spilling their beer. This dude is like 50 yards from home plate, too. Very studly, indeed.

Ass of the week:

If you haven't seen this ump show from Marvin Hudson, try to watch it without getting angry. I don't really care about the Nationals one way or the other, but this scene really pissed me off. This didn't have as much to do with Bryce Harper or Matt Williams arguing balls and strikes as it did Hudson just looking for a reason to eject someone. The 40,000 people in the stands didn't spend their money to watch you ump, ass.

Vine of the week:

Bartolo Colon legging out an infield single (later changed into an error) takes up almost all 6 seconds of this Vine. I could watch this guy hit and run the bases for days.

Photo of the week:

MLB's official Twitter account with a beautiful shot of the greatest ball park in the land on a holiday weekend:

Some other stuff the internet had to offer:

James Harden scored 45 points last night in the Rockets' win over the Warriors. And he did it without this 80-footer that was just after the halftime buzzer. Still a pretty awesome shot though.

Today in "Things I Could Totally Do If I Wanted To":

A week ago the Chicago Blackhawks won Game 2 of their Western Conference Finals series over Anaheim in triple overtime, but the coolest play happened in the 2nd overtime when Andrew Shaw invented the hockey header. The goal was reviewed and disallowed because that is APPARENTLY against the rules.

This Giancarlo Stanton catch makes for a good GIF:

So does this awesome, weird-lookin' play from Joey Votto:

A couple links I enjoyed this week:

And finally, here's a cute kid doing cute-kid things.

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for readin'. See ya next week.


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