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Is that ... is that decent baseball the Rockies are playing? Purple Dinosaur Podcast discusses

Plus, more on David Dahl's situation and some words on Troy Tulowitzki's plate discipline. This was recorded before Friday's game, we promise!

Get ready for 60 minutes of Tyler and Anthony listening to themselves spout about the Rockies. (Nothing new.)

This week on the Kent Bottenfield Memorial Edition of the show, we've got an update on top prospect David Dahl after his scary injury on May 28. What does Dahl's surgery and the loss of his 2015 season mean for the outfielder's developmental timetable?

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Plus the Rockies have (seriously) played decent ball lately. We'll have a discussion of Colorado's .500 play over the last two weeks, Troy Tulowitzki's concerning lack of recent plate discipline, praise for some unheralded roleplayers from recent weeks, and much more.

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