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Colorado Rockies hope to play two against the Arizona Diamondbacks

The Rockies and the Diamondback play two. Maybe.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After having two consecutive games rained out, the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks will play a double-header today ... y'know, hopefully.

The skies are gray yet again, and the forecasts for the evening are worrisome, but the NL West opponents should at least get the afternoon game in today, a match-up between Tyler Matzek and Josh Collmenter. The Rockies and Diamond backs are slated slated to send Jordan Lyles and Robbie Ray to the mound for the evening game. Ray is making his debut for the Diamondbacks.

The lineup for the afternoon game is the typical Rockies lineup, though I suppose it should be noted that pitcher Tyler Matzek is batting ninth. He has often hit eighth when pitching this season.

Also, left-handed pitcher Chris Rusin has been called up for extra depth today. He'll occupy the 26th roster spot for the evening game.

Hopefully the gods of rain and baseball will smile upon us today and in the immortal words of the late, great, Ernie Banks, we can play two.