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Know Your Foe: Rain has been a menace at Coors Field in 2015

The Rockies have had some serious issues with Mother Nature so far this season.

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As they did earlier this week, the Rockies will once again struggle with rain as they attempt to play baseball at Coors Field this weekend. In fact, rain has won out at 20th & Blake nearly as often as the Rockies this season, with three home rainouts against Colorado's four home wins this year.

The last four Rockies home dates have seen 1.36 inches of rainfall, nearly 10 percent of Denver's annual average of 14.30 inches, with another inch of rain or more forecast for this weekend.

2015 rainfall stats

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The division-rival Diamondbacks are among a few teams that have consistently been able to shut rain down:

Earlier in its career, rain wreaked havoc on Miami to the tune of 62 inches per year, 43 of that coming during baseball season, but the Marlins have been able to keep it in check since 2012. Their method of doing so came at a quite high cost, however. Miami's new stadium will end up costing taxpayers some $2.4 billion.

In fact, seven teams keep rain at bay with either a retractable or permanent roof: Arizona, Houston, Miami, Milwaukee, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Toronto.

Other weather conditions to watch


That's right, snow.

Rain's chilly counterpart, snow, may make an appearance at Coors Field on Sunday.

If there is snow on Sunday, it would not be the first time the Rockies had a game at Coors Field snowed out. The Rockies lost a game to snow against the Mets on April 15, 2013, lost a game to snow against Arizona on April 3, 2011 and had a snowout against the Marlins on April 23, 2010. Game 3 of the 2009 Division Series against the Phillies also was pushed back a day because of snow.

Snow Sunday would mean the second straight snowy Mother's Day for Denver, but the Rockies were in Cincinnati last season and were unaffected.

Weekend Probables

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