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DJ LeMahieu is having a fine season, while top prospect Eddie Butler is headed back to Triple-A

News and links about current and future Rockies.

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DJ LeMahieu, Rockies second baseman, deserves to be an all-star — Denver Post

As of this writing, DJ LeMahieu is hitting .350/.401/.450 with 29 RBIs. He's been one of the only players on the team to hit consistently and has provided his usual stellar defense. It's a real shame how overlooked DJ is, as he's had a great year and deserves to be recognized for his season thus far but is predictably absent from the ASG polls.

Brendan Rodgers, Mike Nikorak give Rockies high-school upside from 2015 draft — Denver Post

The Rockies took shortstop Brendan Rodgers with the third pick of the 2015 MLB Draft and landed right-handed pitcher Mike Nikorak — a player I'm sure the Rockies were thrilled to be able to grab, given how high many project his ceiling to be — at 27. The Post has blurbs on the next two players the Rockies took, Tyler Nevin and Peter Lambert, as well. The team's first five selections are all high schoolers who will add a lot of talent to an already deep system.

Eddie Butler going to Triple-A, Rockies promote Kyle Parker — Denver Post

We talked a bit about this yesterday, but here's an article from the Denver Post with quotes. Butler has struggled throughout the season and hasn't been able to find consistency. Butler has had a tough time getting desirable results and is going back to Triple-A to iron out some kinks and work on his off-speed offerings. Meanwhile, the Rockies will be hoping to get something out of Kyle Parker and his hot bat. In the interim, Chris Rusin and David Hale will be filling out the rotation.

Rockies load up on arms in Day 2 of Draft — MLB

Right-handed pitcher Javier Medina, taken in Round 3, was the fifth straight high school prospect the Rockies took. The team looked to college arms with their next two selections, nabbing right-handed pitchers David Hill and Parker French.

Rockies cull from college ranks on Day 2 — MLB

Following the selection of Parker French in the 5th Round, the Rockies grabbed left-handed pitcher Jack Wynkoop from the University of South Carolina. They next took first baseman Brian Mundell, RHP Colin Welmon, RHP Trey Killian, and CF Cole Anderson. All told, the Rockies have selected three infielders, one outfielder, and six pitchers. Check out the two links above to see some blurbs on them over at

Some Projection Left: MLB Draft Day 2 Analysis — Baseball Prospectus

Speaking of Jack Wynkoop, Chris Crawford of Baseball Prospectus tabs Wynkoop as the sixth rounder closest to the majors. Crawford states that Wynkoop "could become the Rockies fifth starter, if everything goes well, as soon as 2017."