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The Colorado Rockies could be a seller in a seller's market this summer

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John Axford has been Mr. Dependable for the Rockies - Denver Post

The Ax-Man has been a lights-out closer for the Rockies since Adam Ottavino underwent Tommy John surgery. There was some early season angst over his lack of strikeouts, but he has started to pick those up as well with six in his last seven innings. Most important for Rockies fans'  blood pressure, he has limited walks to 3.5 per nine innings, and never more than once in an appearance. Axford has saved 11 of 11 games and has a 0.50 ERA; Jeff Bridich made a savvy move when he acquired the right-hander for a scant $2 million this off season.

A summer without sellers - Fangraphs

Dave Cameron writes that there are so many teams still in the Wild Card hunt that very few teams will be looking to trade their expensive veterans. Everyone thinks they are still in the playoff picture, except for the Phillies, Brewers, and Marlins. However, the talent they have to sell isn't particularly enticing to buying teams.

Where does that leave the Rockies? In an interesting position. Playoffs aren't likely for this roster, though the Rockies still have a month and a half to clarify whether they have a run in them. If not, they'll approach the trade deadline in an extreme seller's market. There simply aren't any power hitters on the market. Bridich might get offers for a certain power hitting short stop that he can't refuse.

Cameron writes:

If the Rockies really won’t trade Tulowitzki in this market, where there might not be another significant power hitter available, then they should just never trade him.

Bridich might decide it's finally time to go young with this team. If the prospect return for Tulowitzki is high enough, I wouldn't fault him for pulling the trigger. The Rockies have a strong core of pre-arbitration and high minors position players. Could Tulo net a couple of young, talented starters that can supplement the imminent arrival of Jon Gray? Is it worth it to lose out on five more years of Tulo? Can Trevor Story handle the position at the big league level? It's a fascinating position to be in.

Oh no, I just started Troy Tulowitzki trade speculation. Everyone, just ignore that. How 'bout that Axford!

Rockies outfield prospect David Dahl could be cleared to play by the end of June - Purple Row

Apparently having doctors cut you open and scoop out your organs isn't that big a deal. Or maybe David Dahl is just a BAMF. The Rockies will be cautious with Dahl after such a scary injury, but the fact that we'll see him back out on a field in 2015 is fantastic news.

Rusin misses out on repeat as Rockies fall to fish -

The Rockies didn't make much noise in last night's snoozer of a loss to the Florida Marlins. At least Corey Dickerson came back and collected two hits.