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Rockies prospect Jon Gray, rookie Eddie Butler subjects of Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 48

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Plus, Deadspin's resident Rockies fan, Tom Ley, joins the show. Looks like you've got some listening material for your afternoon drive home from work!

Denver-area guy Tom Ley from Meatspin Deadspin joins the Jason Hirsh Memorial Edition of the PDP. We'll chat about what it's like to be a Rockies fan working at a national media enterprise plus Coors Field memories, and more.

With the Rockies hitting the road to Miami and Houston, could Jon Gray's debut come on this trip? We discuss in-depth and also review what Eddie Butler's demotion to Albuquerque means.

Plus, for the first time this season, we take your questions for #AskPDP. All that and more on Episode 48!

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