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Colorado Rockies Corey Dickerson re-aggravates foot injury in loss to Marlins

Things were starting to look so good for this team — What happened?!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Dickerson reaggravates foot injury -

This trip to Miami just got worse. Corey Dickerson exited yesterday’s game during the sixth inning due to pain in his foot. This was Dickerson’s third game since coming off of the 15-day disabled list, but he had gone 3-for-10 with two doubles since his return. Unfortunately, Dickerson’s foot injury doesn’t seem like it’s something that will be fixed quickly and will likely be an issue all year. It will be interesting to see how Walt Weiss proceeds with Dickerson going forward.

Rockies' offense missing in action in another loss to Miami Marlins – The Denver Post

The Rockies dropped their fourth straight game Saturday night, and it’s a big letdown after seeing the Rockies win a series against the St. Louis Cardinals, who have the best record in baseball. David Hale pitched a solid game, allowing four runs over six innings, but the Rockies offense was once again absent, scoring just one run and striking out 16 times.

Baseball’s most entertaining players – Sports on Earth

Will Leitch lists the most entertaining player from every team in baseball, and for the Rockies he selected Nolan Arenado. He describes Arenado as the next Scott Rolen, but he also mentions that Arenado’s offense is underrated because he plays in Colorado. Keep in mind he has more home runs and a better batting average on the road this year.


Colorado Rockies scheduled off-days for Troy Tulowitzki are hurting the team – Rockies Review

David Martin of Rockies Review provides insight as to why he thinks the scheduled off-days for Troy Tulowitzki are actually hurting instead of benefiting the team. Tulowitzki has been known to be injury prone, but having him sit out three games during a ten-game homestand is a little much, according to David. This a great read, and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the whole situation in the comments below.

June 13, 1995: Colorado Rockies 6, Cincinnati Reds 4 – RoxPile

This is fun. Twenty years ago yesterday, the Rockies beat the Cincinnati Reds 6-4 at Coors Field. Andres Galarraga was an absolute beast, as he hit two homeruns, and Kevin Ritz threw seven innings while allowing just three runs. The Rockies victory brought their record to 26-19. Linked in this article is the box score to the game, and some fun videos of Galarraga hitting balls very far.